Red Maple

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In the winter all is bare, dark, cold, and dormant. I turn inward to conserve my inner stores. The sun hides its face, I wait and rest. I am lit by fires of spirit waiting the new day.

As the spring comes, My body warms and moistens. My temperature rises, all is fresh and new. The sun brings its glorious light. All of earth rejoices in song, scent, and beauty. Buzzing with life and cooperation we share in bounty. We are full of becoming.

As summer peaks, Sun ablaze, we play in the rays. We grow to new heights. Mature, Whole. Full of light and life. And then, when all is ripe, A dramatic bursting of red, Followed by a shedding, a clearing, And a making of way for the new.

In a month of me, a year for a tree.

Image and text ©Greta James.

Giclée Prints are hand-signed with an embossed border and printed on acid free, 100% cotton rag, fine art paper with archival ink. Prints include inspired text on parchment paper, backing board, and clear protective sleeve.

Watermark does not appear in actual print.

What is a Giclée?

Limited Edition Canvas Giclée Prints are hand signed and numbered.

What is a Canvas Print Giclée?

Small Giclée:
Paper Size: 9.12” x 12.2”
Image Area: 7.62” x 10.66”


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