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The word Salamander translates from the Greek to mean: fire animal. It represents the power of transformation, miracles and regeneration. Found under rotting logs and decaying matter, as well as the muddy bottoms of ponds and streams, salamanders are depicted as fire creatures because of their firey red, orange and brown colors and because they sometimes scurrying out of the logs in a fire unscathed. In alchemy, fire is the primary agent of transformation. It burns away the transient and imperfect and removes obstacles that inhibit the flow of energy. Fire stimulates growth in ecosystems, purifies and creates life. In many ways fire is the symbolic expression of spirit in its highest form. Salamander represents a soul that is purified but not destroyed by fire.

Salamanders live in an environment that is busy transforming from one thing to another, from log or leaf back to soil again. The salamander comes to those in need of change in their lives. They are born in water as a tadpole, move to land as a juvenile red eft, and then return again to the water to become an aquatic adult. Because of this the salamander has had to learn to live in two worlds. To breathe underwater and in air to swim in water and wriggle like a fish on land. This is symbolic of the spiritual transformation that we must experience ourselves. Breathing represents life, the land represents the earth and our bodies, and the water and fire represents the spirit. Like the salamander, we must breath life into our earthly body as well as our spirit body. In a transformational moment as with the spirit represented in flame.

The salamander is also a miraculous creature because of its regeneration capabilities. They can regrow perfect tails and limbs that have been destroyed within days. They demonstrate and represent the incredible healing power of the body. Salamander represents a soul that is transformed but not destroyed by fire.

Giclée Prints are hand-signed with an embossed border and printed on acid free, 100% cotton rag, fine art paper and archival ink. Prints include inspired text on parchment paper, backing board, and clear protective sleeve.

Image & text ©Greta James.

Watermark does not appear in actual print.

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Small Giclée:
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Paper Size: 9” x 13”
Image Area: 7.44” x 11.1”

Large Giclée:
Open Edition
Paper Size: 13” x 18.75”
Image Area: 11.4” x 17”


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