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Vultures represent transformation.  Flying scavengers, they are nature’s clean up crew, Feeding on carrion, they take the toxins of death and rot into their being and process it and clean it, therefore the native Americans name for vulture was “the golden purifier” and the Cherokee called it “peace eagle” because unlike other large birds they do not kill, but purify the landscape ensuring the health and life of other living creatures.
Vultures are shamanistic symbols.   They represent the oneness of heaven and earth, spirit and matter, life and death.   Angels of mercy, they take what is dead and decayed and turn it into life energy.   Vultures teach us to use the bounty of the earth to support ourselves, and how to use energy efficiently.  Vultures ride the invisible thermals rising from the Earth, using the wind and sun.The vulture teaches us to embrace and understand that there is life in death, which is symbolically displayed by the colors of vultures feathers: black and white with a bright splash of blood red symbolize the transition from life to death to life again.

Image and text ©Greta James.

Giclée Prints are hand-signed with an embossed border and printed on acid free, 100% cotton rag, fine art paper with archival ink. Prints include inspired text on parchment paper, backing board, and clear protective sleeve.

Watermark does not appear in actual print.

What is a Giclée?



Small Giclée:
Paper Size: 8” x 10”
Image Area: 6.29” x 8.3”


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